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Polo Boots

Country Polo’s Polo Boots are made of the finest quality leather and are designed for polo player's performance.  They are available in both English Zip Front or Texan Pull-on styles in either standard sizes or can be custom made for the perfect fit using our Polo Boots Measurement Guide and Form.

With triple layer support in hard wearing areas and made from the finest quality leather, they are durable yet comfortable and will give you many years of faithful service!

Polo Knee Pads

Country Polo and Casablanca Knee Pads are made of the finest quality leather with extra padding for more protection. Casablanca Kneeguards use d3o ™, a patented ‘intelligent' impact resistant compound.

While flexible under normal conditions, d3o ™ provides higher levels of impact protection just when you need it by increasing its resistance according to the force of the impact. Used in some of the world's most advanced impact protection applications, d3o ™ is only available in Casablanca Polo™ products.

We receive a great deal of positive feedback about our knee pads!


Polo Boots Order Form

Polo Boots Measurements & Order Form.pdf