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Polo Helmets

Made in Argentina, iPolo helmets are designed for your safety and are manufactured to the same high standard as required by the US Polo Association (safety research - 1998). Our factory ensures the highest standards and is willing to discuss variations to achieve approval by your Polo Association in any country. Country Polo Helmets are endorsed by Claire Tomlinson, a leading UK Polo Coach and are sold to players around the world.

In association with our manufacturer we continue to test the helmets to deliver the highest safety standards. Our helmets are made of an extra thick layer of fibreglass ensuring a very strong shell, with an inner neoprene lining and hard cardboard brim. All aspects are designed for your safety and comfort and include a foam padded nylon sweatband and tie crown liner. There are many helmet colour combinations available.

Helmets can be custom made to order (see Helmet Order Form) using our own designs and patterns or you can supply your own cloth.

All our helmets are made with the unique impact resistance acting as a shock absorbent with either a 3-point safety chin strap or traditional single chin strap in both Cotton twill or calf upper leather.

Top quality Casablanca helmets also available on request.

Polo Goggles

We stock Trophy Tri-Pack Z Leader Goggles and SSG Goggles.

Z Leader Trophy Tri-Pack

Includes 3 interchangeable lenses for varying light conditions: Clear, Amber, and Smoke

Enhanced peripheral vision

Maximum airflow prevents fogging

Telescoping temple for custom fit

Adjustable Velcro retention strap for secure fit (removable)

Protective micro-fiber carrying pouch doubles as a cleaning cloth

Also meets ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Industrial Safety Standards

SSG Goggles - Single Lens

For Active Sports. UV 100% protection.  Anti-Fog Lens. Black sponge lens support for comfort and dust elimination. Thin adjustable elastic strap for comfort in the helmet.


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